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A guide to making Spanish fly

Spanish fly is an extremely powerful aphrodisiac. In fact, it is considered as one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs for women. If you want to cure a low sex drive, then the use of Spanish fly should cure it. Spanish fly has been used for centuries in order to improve the libido of both men and women. And it has shown to be very effective in helping women get over a low sex drive. You can really spice up your sex life if you decide to use Spanish fly as part of it. However, before you start using Spanish fly, it is important that you know how to use it. You must figure out how to make Spanish fly if you want to get the most out of it. And fortunately for you, this article can teach out just how to do just that. You can follow this recipe for making Spanish fly.


Recipe for making Spanish Fly

Below is a short recipe that will teach you how to make Spanish fly drink. This is a delicious chilled drink that you can serve to your lady, especially if you want to get them horny for sex. You could also drink this yourself because Spanish fly also has some effect for men as well. Not only will this drink boost your sexual stamina and desire, it will also make you feel good too. This tasty drink has got alcohol content, so if both of you drink it before sex, your inhibitions can get lowered. And this can actually lead to better sex!

Spanish fly Schnapps recipe

First, you will need to gather all of the ingredients. You will need about one part butterscotch flavoured schnapps. This will serve as the base of the drink. You will also need to have some Coke or Pepsi, to add a bit of a kick. Do not forget to get some cherry liquor as well, because this will be the main alcohol content for the drink that you are making. Finally, you will also need some vanilla flavored schnapps, so that this drink will have some extra taste. And before you forget, you will also need some Spanish fly extract as well. You can add this last.


You can pour all of these ingredients into a large glass, with some ice. Pour the butterscotch flavoured schnapps first. Then once all of the ingredients have been poured into the glass, you can add about five drops of Spanish fly extract. Add a bit more if you are making more than one serving. If you have not added ice to the drink, you can store it inside of the fridge. Do not forget to stir thoroughly before you serve this drink. After this drink is thoroughly mixed, you can then just serve to the woman that you want. And if you have some left over, you could drink it yourself too.

Serve this drink before you have sex, and you are guaranteed to have a wild night! You can serve it chilled. This recipe makes one serving, so you may want to double or even triple the amount of ingredients that you use, if you want to make a bigger serving size. With more Spanish fly to drink, you and your lover could have a taste of it.


Where to find other recipes?

There are many other recipes that you can find on how to make Spanish fly, so you should check the internet if you need any other ideas for making this wonderful aphrodisiac. It would also be a good idea to look for other ways that you could use Spanish fly, aside from putting them in drinks. Your lady would really appreciate it if you gave them something else to take Spanish fly in. And you would also appreciate knowing other Spanish fly recipes, because it would make your sex life really amazing!

It is really important that you know how to make Spanish fly properly, especially if you would like to make it actually work. Hopefully, this article has helped you with all of the steps that you will need to take, in order to make some proper Spanish fly. With this article, you can actually also find out other ways of making Spanish fly. So there are a lot more recipes of Spanish fly, which you could try following. It may be also a good idea to just use the Spanish fly drops themselves in order to get the most effects out of it.


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